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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Miracle Balls Plus Breathing Burns Fat

I work with a lot of people who have some major and some minor weight concerns. Breathing burns fat. Improved breathing also improves the suppleness of your muscles so they lengthen and realign. Using the miracle balls is a good time to improve your breath. There are many, many reasons for a person who has weight concerns to use the method. Most people are only concerned about what they put in their mouth and not about how the body actually works. 70% of all the bodies waste is processed through the breath. The body processes 3 things food, liquid and oxygen. Simply put (I could go into detail at another time) Better breathing more easily burns fat. That is why exercise burns fat because of the large increase in oxygen throughout the body. But it can be difficult for obese people to run at first try. The balls will ease the pressure on the hips and thighs but also help to limber up.

Not only that, when your muscles are more supple your body shape changes. Many people find if they don't lose so many pounds they still look like they do since the fat is redistributed. It also relieves the stress. Many of us eat when under stress. When stress is eased so is the desire to satisfy ourselves with food. The pressure for most large people who exercise can be too much in the hips and legs. Obese people find the balls very supportive and a great tool to feel movement throughout the body.

Using the 2 miracle balls under the buttocks is excellent for hips and thighs. Include the breathing with feeling the weight of the body to circulate the breath throughout the body. Large people do not have to modify. If something doesn't feel good they can use the ball in a different place. Using the Body Formula is the most important piece to understand.

“Making changes…one breath at a time”



i have been doing a body shaping class at the gym..Lots of lunges squats etc...A full hour non stop..since starating this class I have gotten"thicker" in my thighs!! Not exactly what i want can the balls help me less bulky??
Hi Caroline

Good questions. That happened to me when I first started dancing. I became muscle bound in my thighs. As you use the method begin to feel your body as a whole. This will help you to use your whole body when you exercise. Exercise class teach you to isolate parts of the body.
This takes time to develop. But as you do the method your nervous system will start to give you some feeling in parts of your body that you may be underutilizing when you exercise. As a result you are over using your legs right now. You might also want to try a different exercise class that trains you to lengthen your muscles longer and not shorten them.
2 balls under the hips and then letting the legs move apart is great (page 107 to begin with) will help. It will connect your legs to your waist so all the effect of your effort is not right in the thighs. As your legs move apart you will begin to feel the connection up the back into the waist. This is exactly what gives you a longer waistline and what control a lot of the lunges and the squats. You need to feel the opposite lift up and the strong core so all the weight is not down in the hips and thighs. What you over use becomes bigger. I hope this helps

Keep in touch.

When I first started using the balls I was in a lot of pain and had very bulky compact muscles from years of heavy weight lifting for track and field.

I have not lost any weight, but in the past three years since I have been using them, every time people see me they think I have. My posture has become almost perfect. It has taken a few years, but my butt and thighs and torso are all elongated and more "feminine" looking.
I just found the balls at Borders and am excited to start using them. I had a car wreck while pregnant three years ago tearing everything in my neck and lower back. Just had shoulder surgery and FINALLy have the okay from everyone to start getting active again. (I have walked this whole time) Is it normal for the lower back to hurt really bad afer using the balls on the buttox??

I am breathing again:) Not that I ever stopped, just re-learning!

Hi Maralie

Perhaps you stayed on the balls too long. It can feel badly if you were holding your breath or holding your muscles tightly to stay on the balls in the position you think is correct. Perhaps try another area of your body and see if you can begin to experience a feeling of release. There are gentle movements that take place as the muscles of the body seemingly unravel and ease up. I certainly would not do anything that gives you pain. Please pay particular attention to the sections on breathing.

I hope this helps.

I bought the miracle balls today and read the book. I did the breathing excercises and I yawn alot so I know its working.
I tried lying on the balls or even one ball but every time I try to move my legs I get huge cramps in them. I have to scream for my husband to help me up. What can I do? I weigh 180lbs and lying on the floor on a rug is very hard on my back. I have scoliosis and spondilosysthisis. What can I do or what am I doing wrong? I am breathing.
Dear Steelydawn

Please describe to me a little more detail what you are doing. You could do this in bed to begin with if it makes it easier. Or you could do some of the ones in the chair. I would start sitting on a hard wood chair and make the s sound and perhaps try the seated boy hangover intermittenly. You need to get oxygen into the muscles to help with the cramps. I would not force anything. If you feel pain trying one of these do not continue. There is much to choose from. You do not have to start on the floor.


Can u put the balls in place while in bed sleeping or does it have to be while awake? I was just wondering because I figured I could get more time in if I could use while sleeping. I just bought these today. The 2 balls with book from Sam's. I am a lupus/fibro patient and soon to be 56 years old. I also have a degenerative spine. I just started working out for health/weightloss reasons in the past month. Wish u had classes in Jacksonville,FL. I have a daughter who has severe migraines that I would like to get her a set.

You could definitely use the balls while in bed but not asleep. It’s important to use the weight of your body and to sense how your muscles are resisting or giving in to the balls. This will help you to gain feeling in the muscles and improve your breathing. It’s important to be able to tell the difference when you get positive changes so your body recognizes how to do it when you are not in bed or lying down. then you are able to feel better for longer periods of time. I hope this helps

Just got a set & have tried it twice as I have osteo-arthritis and a pain in the middle of my neck. the neck exercizes, and stretching have helped it enough so I no longer feel nauseous as if I had a migraine. They also seem to ease up some of the pain in my knees, making it easier to walk. Thank you.
They certainly are miracle balls. The miracle ball is great, also it can prevent inflammatory muscles from too vigorous of competition and other injuries. I highly recommend them .http://dropweightfastnow.com

Dearest Elaine, I am from India, a trained yoga teacher and also manage my pharmaceutical company...I am 5.9 , 49, menopausal , and under severe stress...I met with a road accident four years back, broke my sacrum and yoga stopped, gained 15 kg weight and weigh nearly 87 kg now, mostly on hips...despite gym, physio and yoga I feel pain in groin with shooting pain down my right leg on the side....I am unable to sleep on my right side...my entire right side pains from neck to shoulder to hip to sacrosanct iliac to knee...I have ordered both your miracle balls and portable miracle balls...pl guide how to fix myself...I have a mild duck like gait due to stiff hip and groin and severe neck and shoulder pain...I am snaking into depression. Your fan , samita
Dear Samita

As you read the book pay special attention to the sections on breathing. This will help you the most. Then when you place the ball you will begin to understand what it feels like to sense the “weight” of the part of your body resting on the ball. This is the body formula explained in the book. The knee on the ball might be excellent for you and then graduate to hips on the ball. Remember it is not about working but allowing your body to unravel from this accident and the trauma that it has imposed. Allow your breathing to respond and help you. Listen and learn from your body as it lets go. I hope this helps.

Elbow on the ball might also be a good start to incorporate it with the neck. If you can order the CD back neck and elbow it is like taking a class and will help with pacing. I believe you can download that on to your computer. Rose can help you with that during the week.


I am about to order the balls for help with lower back pain. Do I need a different DVD or cd for Carple tunnel syndrom? Celine
The best one for carpal is elbow on the ball. I apologize for the delay. Did you get what you needed? Do you have further questions?

All the Best

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