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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Looking For Results on the Miracle Ball


When I look back in October of last year I was able to use one ball under the very end of my tail bone but now I have to use two and sometimes I lay there for a half an hour and still can't find the spot, when I lay on my back I feel like a turtle and every time I think of doing the balls I panic and get very anxious it seems to consume my time trying to get what others are getting , I have noticed if I have one good experience I never have it again, one time I did the knee bend for back relief it felt great but for a couple of hours but because I continued to stand I could feel the muscles tensing up again so I tried to do it again but did not get the same result instead it tensed them up more, now every time I try to do it all I can feel are my knees. I can't tell what's going on down there even if I look at my knees while I'm doing the knee bend for back relief. I have not had all the great results the other people have had.


Thank you for your e-mail. These are the reasons I wrote the book and spent hours and probably years refining the directions. It is very easy to have the experiences you have had. When I was on the road many people expressed difficulty and yet a sense that they had very good experiences one day and not the next. The CD’s have been helpful for some because there is a constant reminder of the method directions.

I would suggest as I say to most people,I tell this to my students in classes and even one on one, The directions are essential. It is what we say to ourselves while we are doing the method. Most beginners wait for a response and then take shots in the dark that something will work. If you re-read the Body Formula. It explains the breathing sections. Spend time with this. This will give you the sense of Weight or release of the weight of the part of your body that rests on the ball. Without the breathing sections we are truly going to get random results.

Then the next question is about the breathing. We must make the ssss sound or use an exhalation to stimulate the diaphragm. Without this the breathing stays trapped and you are likely to feel frustrated. That is your bodies way of speaking to you.

I would go back to the breathing and try 5-10 minutes following those directions. Then I would place the ball but “not” to feel relief but to notice how the weight of this part of the body rests or does”not”rest on the ball. Each answer is important to observe because then you can begin the Body Dialogue explained in the book. You start to notice responses. Don’t do the work to get results but to understand how you live in your body. The ways in which you hold your muscles and hold your breath. Then change is easy.We are usually looking for the end before we take the time to know how to get there. I have done all of these things myself so I hope I can help you.

Please keep in touch and Let me know.


got an email to leave my question on the blog - wondering if this is where to do it?

Hi Elaine;

Absolutely love the balls - thank you. I never took a class - just bought the balls and the small book a number of years ago. At that time I went through most of the exercises - really loving them all. The net result - my chiropractor really started to miss me (at one time I saw her 3x per week) - and I really felt great.

Two weeks ago I came down with Bells Palsy (inflammation of the facial nerve - numbness, partial paralysis and pain in the left side of my face - and yesterday I remembered the balls. I began to do the neck exercises and got an almost immediate release of some of the pain - thank you

My question - Have you ever worked with someone dealing with Bells Palsy like symptoms and do you have any recommended positions? I appreciate any suggestions - as much as I don't mind the break from routine this situation is causing - I am so ready to be smiing again (that left side of the lip just doesn't want to move) - and I miss being able to blink my left eye)

Thanks for the help

Dear Cyndi

I have not had experience with this directly. I would say the work facilitates healing. The most important part of the work is the breathing. I would look over the directions in the book for the breathing and try the open mouth as it may begin to bring sensation into your jaw. Breath increases circulation. This could have a great benefit to you. Be consistent. I would rather you do a little each day than a lot on one day and not again for several. Even doing it in bed is fine.. If the ball works under the back of your neck rest on it and then allow the weight of the jaw to open slowly. Then repeat. Feel your body and listen to responses . your body may lead you to your answers to what will work the best.

I hope this helps


Thanks Elaine;

It does help - as does the ball. I have spent some time on it everyday (except 1 - oops) for about the past week - and have really felt the shifts - most of the pain has dissolved - and though movement hasn't returned I expect it to at anytime :)

I will focus more on open mouth breathing and I send to you my love and gratitude for making this wonderful tool for healing so readily available.

In Joy and Celebration

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