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Elaine's Pain Management Blog

Monday, March 2, 2009

Oral Cancer Patient Makes Changes to Her Posture and Pain with Miracle Ball Method

Hi Elaine,

I recently tried the miracle ball method for my neck and shoulders. I had tongue cancer 2 years ago and had a very invasive surgery to my face head and neck. I also had radiation which caused a lot of scar tissue where I had a neck dissection.

I have noticed a hug difference in my posture and evenness of my neck and the pain has been much alleviated.

Just wanted to let you know how effective it is for head and neck cancer patients. THANK YOU!!!!

Dear Kate

Thank you for your e-mail. With your permission I would like to include this in a blog on my website. Everyday I receive e-mails from those with questions who would benefit from learning about the positive changes others like you have experienced using the method.

I have been teaching for many years. This is not a medical procedure. At this time there have not been double blind studies or research proving the efficacy of this method for specific conditions. At the Stamford Hospital where I teach, I am planning on starting such research shortly. That will take time. Until then it has always been the students of this work sharing their experiences. I always remind new students that I have never seen someone NOT benefit in over 30 years of teaching. This method works, unless of course you are not doing the work. My mission is to help with the directions, to help others who are not able to get to a class or those who are inspired to teach learn this method.

I receive questions from those with varying conditions from Restless Leg syndrome to occasional low back ache to severe pain from a past injury or accident. This is not a pill that is targeted towards one condition. It is not a cure for a disease. I can only encourage them to try the method.

There are systems in the body that are constantly negatively impacted by excess stress, illness, and alignment. We need to become aware of our physical body, not how to fix it. Become aware of details of how you live in your body. For example, are you constantly holding your jaw tight, stiffening your back, holding your breath? Be open to learning. Your body will teach you. How you live in your body is you!

It is always good to remind ourselves that there is no one like us. That in itself is amazing. Awareness also includes thoughts and behaviors. DO you breathe differently when you get great news? What does that feel like? Learn from that. Does your breathing get shallow and do you feel stiff with bad news or after a stressful day. We all have ways of directing ourselves. Is it in a positive way or are you extremely critical. Do you feel a connection to your physical body if you are particularly hard on yourself? Many people keep pain cycles alive because they are convinced there pain will always be there. We lose our sense of hope. I know this from teaching for so many years but mostly from first hand experience.

This awareness may seem intellectually simple, and it is, but to feel your body physiologically stimulates the recovery systems in the body. Making that distinction is the key to powerful changes and improvement in your mind and body. People call this the mind body connection. That makes sense. The problem that I have with this is that we are all so disconnected. The connections we have are on an unconscious level. We are not able to positively benefit from the mind body connection unless we are aware of how connected our thoughts are to our body and vice versa.

Once you are growing in this process you can experiment. Let’s say on a day that you don’t feel quite right and you feel the tightness or the particular way you are breathing, you are clear what you feel. Then you add something you have learned to do with the ball or your breathing. Without forcing you let your body give in to its own weight with gravity, you allow yourself to breathe, you encourage yourself with your thoughts. You break the cycle of stress and pain. Learn to speak to yourself differently. Live differently. Change is a challenge.


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