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Elaine's Pain Management Blog

Friday, March 27, 2009

Competitive Athlete Releases Tight Muscles, Improves her Jumping Ability by 4 Inches Higher

I have been a Certified Instructor of the Elaine Petrone Method for a few years now and I have really enjoyed teaching in Mundelein IL. Many of my students have found relief from chronic pain and muscle tension. It has been so rewarding teaching the Elaine Petrone Method.

Recently, I have been working with an athlete, a sophomore in high school. She is on a highly competitive volleyball team that travels the Unites States. She started to have some low back pain, as so many athletes do. After working with the balls for a short time she was able to relieve the low back pain. When she went back to playing she was able to jump 4 inches higher! All of the other players and competitors noticed right away. They all wanted to know what “special training” she was getting. The only thing extra she was doing was the Elaine Petrone Method! As we know, tight muscles are stiff and thick, while released muscles are long and supple.

I am always amazed at the number of people and the different types of people this method helps. The miracle balls are great for everyone, from those suffering with stress and chronic muscle pain to the athlete who is trying to get the most out of there bodies.

Susan Homsey

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