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Elaine's Pain Management Blog

Monday, November 24, 2008

Pain Relief After Spinal Fusion and Disc Herniations


What has been your experience working with individuals with persistent back
or neck pain after a spinal fusion? Those with known disc herniations ? Do
you limit them or treat them differently? Do you require a referral from
their treating providers?

Sally Garhart MD
Bedford Occupational and Acute Care
Bedford, NH

Dear Sally:

Having a spinal fusion or herniated discs is painful. Pain increases muscle
tension. Increased muscle tension is one of our bodies response to pain. We
cringe. We tighten, we are trying to find a way to almost protect ourselves
from feeling more pain. This of course exacerbates these problems. By using
the method to reduce the tension, a person can begin to breathe. During
their time doing the work they can feel the tight grip they have on their
muscles easing. As a result the pain eases. As a result many of these people
can begin to move which is essential for them to strengthen the areas that
have the difficulty.
Most therapies want a person to exercise but after surgery or when dealing
with areas that hurt, a person does not want to move. They then get more
stiff,muscle tension further exacerbates the problem and they end up with
the cycling of pain.

My experience working with spinal fusions and herniated disc has been
consistently successful because I am not challenging a person to feel more
pain and push thru it. I am first asking them to feel how much they are
resisting movement and holding their breath. As they understand this process
they can begin to let their muscles ease up enough to move. This then allows
them to lengthen and strengthen their muscles. This will relieve the
herniation and improve their overall range of motion. But first they must
spend time understanding the method enough so they feel confident they can
begin to move again without pain.

Hope this helps.



Hi Elaine
I have been having chronic mid back pain, left shoulder and neck pain for years. I also go to a chiropractor, rolfer and have just started accupuncture. I am just getting starting with your book and balls. Is there a "best" way to get started? Or a specific exercise that might benefit me the most? I have started with lying on my side and placing the ball under my ribs. This helps some. Any advice would be appreciated.

Hi Elaine,
Happy New Year. First let me thank you for all your hard work in providing pain relief for many people. I beliefe that God is using you to help his children here on Earth. I had purchased your kit with the book about six months ago initally for my husband. Ofcourse I tried it first just to test them. As a result I found that I was pretty tensed myself and after using the balls I felt so relaxed and slept so good that night. Well, since then I have introduced the excersice to my mother and some co-workers. They have stopped taking pain medication and feel great. Well, my problem is getting my husband to use them. He has a herniated disc and is very reluctant to try. I don't want to make things worse either. Do you have any suggestions. If I were to get him to at least relax through the breathing excersises where should I put the balls. His herniated disc is at lower lumbar 4. if I am saying it correctly. Well, I hope you can help me with this dilema. God Bless
Dear Teresa

Thank you for your kind e-mail and for spreading the work. As for your husband, remember you are not responsible for his journey. I know you want to help him, that is wonderful . I have been teaching many years. It is difficult and impossible to make someone feel their body if they don’t want to. But it might be worth a try to ask him to do a simple one like neck on the ball. 2 ball under the buttocks feels great for many men with tight hamstrings and might help him to start gently. This is not about no pain no gain as I am sure you know. When the joining websight gets going perhaps he would benefit from seeing an intro DVD on line. Keep in touch and let me know how he does.

God Bless
So I picked up your Product at Sam's club...I have to say the urging I felt to purchase it was part of a long term Prayer request I have prayed so that I may stand up straight again in 2011..I Had never seen nor heard of it and could only guess its purpose was to work on pressure points in the body...After i arrived Home Hubby read through the little book quickly and told me it was more about theropy than anything . So I placed a blanket on the floor and went to work trying first one methed then another...Elaine...after only 30 Min ..the stimulation to my neural network was so overwhelming I knew I had to stop....but I also Knew God had provided me with a winning Process for neural recovery...Wow...I cant wait to learn More...TYVM for being an instrament of Healing!
Thank you Maggie for your kind e-mail. Keep in touch.

God Bless

Hi Elaine
My name is Maria, I am 25 year's old and in these short year's of life I have been in 7 car accident's. My back pain started to get worse after the most recent. I was ejected from the car in the freeway. After being taken to the hospital and test's and test's being done on me. They found all I had were skin abrasion's I was well and could walk but I had a herniated disk from a previous car accident. We were rear ended. I sit here at my computer writting to you because the pain is unbarable and it stop's me from doing pretty much everything. One of my friend's mentioned to me the miracle ball method. I had to look into it. I have yet to try It I just ordered them today. I have been to dr's and chiropracter's all of them said surgery would be the best bet. But my aunt told me not really because they don't fix the disc and eventually it hurniates again. So im hopint that this will help my back. I will keep you updated on it when I get it and when I use it.

Thanks for creating a better
alternative than surgery.

Dear Maria,

How are you doing? Have you tried The Miracle Ball Method? Do you have any questions?

All the Best


thank you for all your hard work in providing pain relief for many people....
Hi Elaine,
Do you think this method will work for Pelvic Pain Dysfunction? I have struggled with IC/PBS for 8 years and am at a point of trying to release and relax pelvic and hip muscles on my right side. Physiotherapy for internal trigger point release has help in an amazing way but now I need the actual muscle release. Also can I lay on my stomach and place these balls on my lower abdomen for pain relief? Looking forward to bearing from you.

I hope you read the book. It explains how to use the method. And Yes I believe you will get relief. Pay special attention to the Body Formula and how it works in your body to help you release the tension. Its counterintuitive so its important to understand that. Then you should feel a release. Sometimes its best to go to another area other than the pain area. I explain this as well.

All the Best


Hi Elaine,
I had spinal fusion on my neck (C4-7) 6 months ago and I've just finished round 2 of physical therapy. I feel like things are going along fairly well. I also have a bulging disc in my lower back and hope to avoid any surgery in the future. Once was enough. Most of my PT has been on my neck with only a small amount on my lower back (hamstring stretches, press-up. and child-pose like stretches, nothing knee-to-chest). What would recommend as a lower-back pose that doesn't put any stress on the neck. Thank you so much!

There are 2 reasons you would do back on the ball and “strain” your neck. One is that you are not aware that your neck always has to do minor adjustments with any movement. And 2 you are resisting because you have had this difficulty. If you try back on the ball be aware of the responses throughout the body. This is explained in the book and can easily be overlooked. Unlike the way most of us do exercise we isolate one part from another. Do not stay on the balls very long so you can experience this dynamic. If you do feel resistance in the neck don’t force it. Next time you can resist less until you feel the connection. Allow the next to benefit from small movements.

I hope this helps

All the Best


Elaine I have recently started using the Miracle Balls for chronic back pain due to scoliosis, spinal fusion, and stenosis. I have begun to experience some relief.

I would like to share my experience with others and I am doing a review of your product. I am the Exercise Editor for BellaOnline.com an online women's magazine. I wonder if you have any quotes or information you would like to add to my review which will be published late Tuesday night, January 15.

I am sorry for the short notice but I am traveling and writing on the fly. Thank you for the wonderful Miracle Balls and I hope to hear from you. You can check out my site at: http://www.bellaonline.com/site/ exercise. Again, thank you.

Terri Editor
Exercise Editor
Hi Terri,

Thank you for your interest in The Elaine Petrone Method. It is great to hear of your success with the method thus far. Please contact me at elaine@elainepetrone.com so we can further discuss your review. I look forward to reading it!

All the best,


Elaine Petrone Method
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