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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Miracle Ball Antidote to Computer-itis aka Neck And Shoulder Strain and Pain

Good morning,

I now have 3 balls and 2 DVD’s but I still need more info.

My problem is that I sit at a desk and keyboard or sew most of my waking hours. This has led to hunched shoulders and forward head ( neck and shoulder strain and pain).

Your ball under the elbow and Neck help with the tension but I need to know how long and how often I should do this.

Also, are there any other positions I should do to help correct this?

Your video seems to need more information. Also the web site doesn’t explain enough about what each covers so I seem to have the same information covered in two different DVD’s. I have the “Stop the Clock” and “The Ball Therapy Kit”

Thank you,


Have you tried raising the arms up into the air? This is great when done with the breathing sections and then letting the arms hang differently in between movements. Most of us are in these hunched over positions all day and this is a great antidote. When we are hunched over we are cutting or bending our body right where the diaphragm is. It makes it very difficult then to breathe. Our breathing gets weak and then the muscle tension gets worse. This movement, which I believe is in a few places in the materials you have, lifts the ribs off the diaphragm. It is also great for the shape of your waistline. Not that that is most important but it is a motivator as well to look good.

As far as getting more. I need you to get the feeling of change with one movement. I can give you a hundred. It is the way in which we do movement that creates the change. A person must get the experience of giving into the weight whether on the ball or hanging forward. Once that happens you can feel the adjustments. Your body begins to move differently and you can feel a change in your body from the habitual holding. It is the holding in one position that gives us the pain and and increases the aching.

One movement when done well changes the whole body. If I give you many movements done similar to the way you hold your posture right now you may feel you have more to do but you will get less results. Once you experience that feeling of release your whole body will begin to respond. When you get better at it you can get postive responses all day from simple movements done well.

Most of us are holding our muscles and as a result holding our breath. It becomes a vicious cycle. Exhale!

I hope this helps


The Miracle Ball Technique sound very interesting & certainly logical.I have fibromyalgia 28 years & recently found out I have scoliosis,apparently acquired it at a young age.I am 51 years old now.I am getting weaker & in more pain in all areas.Can you give me a few starter positions with your kit & any acommidations I might need with Scoliosis & bone spurs?
As you read the book pay particular attention to the sections on breathing as they will help you the most with pain. They will make any ball placement more effective. I want you to experience the feeling of letting your body weight rest on the ball. Chronic pain prevents us from easing up our muscles. As a result we “hold” them . You might feel you don’t “rest” on the floor but when you take the ball away you might feel closer to the floor. Read the book and choose a ball placement. For you, I would try the elbow on the ball and neck on the ball. Also the open mouth breathing is wonderful. Keep me posted.

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