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Elaine's Pain Management Blog

Friday, July 11, 2008

Taking Pain out of the Closet

Ever since the Miracle Ball Method Book came out I have received thousands of e-mails from people all over the world. There are questions and comments. They describe their own experience with the method; and, the struggles they have experienced with their body. No matter what country, what walk of life, the symptoms are consistent, the struggles the same and very similar to what I had experienced.

We live in a world of supersized, bigger is better and certainly more is better. We want instant gratification from something, anything and who wouldn't? I always tell my students if there were a perfect pill that did not have side effects, I would be taking it.

Maybe I am barking up the wrong tree. This method is not fast and it is not big. The idea of no pain no gain is not part of it. I do know that it works. My job is to explain that small movements can have a huge effect, slow changes can be profound, and less effort can give you sooo much more freedom of movement. It's not that I am in love with slow or less.. In fact, I am quite a TYPE A personality. But I like that the less I do, the more I get out of it. SO I do less and I keep getting more. This is a training. Don't expect it to be easy because it is small or slow. Allow yourself to be open minded and let your body do the work.

My mission is to explain this to others as I continue to grow in this work. It is different with the classes where a person is right there in front of me. To explain what to do thru e-mail there is more of a challenge. Expressing this on the DVD's or the CD's has been a challenge. Yet there is such a need but you can see that by reading the e-mails.

I made a commitment the moment I felt my first sigh of relief, from severe chronic sciatic pain that I would tell others there is hope out there. This is not my method but your bodies method to recover. When we were kids, if we were healthy our bodies did this naturally. Our bodies responded, adjusted, changed breathed easy and slept well. We woke up ready for another day. I am hoping thru this website to answer more questions. I will use a lot of the e-mails that come in each day and use the blog to respond. This way we can all see how similar we are and get encouraged. It seems like a simple thing to do. Just lay on these balls and breathe. But to Stop... to not do, to listen, and then to feel, is about as foreign as going to Pluto would be. So we need to talk about it.

When I say Stop, I don't mean be still, I mean to stop the fight that keeps the pain alive. Your muscles will let go to another place somewhat unfamiliar and then your journey begins too. I hope we can all be there for each other. I challenge all of you to share this with others. Most of my students have and do everyday. They can teach as well as I can. Once you feel it you know what I mean. The website will include emails from many of those that have shared their story. I hope they inspire you. They certainly have inspired me.

I recently purchased your MIracle Balls at the suggestion of my daughter who is a pilates instructor. I am a Dr. of Quantum Physics and Natural Health so am always trying new ways to improve body, mind and spirit connection. I have been on the road so have used the ball on my back to alliviate stress, but last night upon returning home I used it according to your instructions for about 45 minutes.

When I slept I had some very vivd dreams of past experiences that I thought I had long ago released. I feel that your method is assisting me in releasing those experiences from my physical body even though I thought they were gone on a mentally/emotional level. Have you found this to be true for others?

Thank you for following your intution and heart to develop this useful tool!
Dr. Krysstine Gubser-Hislop
Fruita, Colorado
Dear Elaine,

I just love the miracle ball method. I recognize it's effectiveness in the flexibility I feel in my back when I get up in the morning. My question has to do with the interplay between the "back on ball" exercise and the "hips on two balls" exercise. In my case they seem to be working against each other. I started doing the back on ball and it felt great. When I rolled off the ball my back was flat on the ground and felt relaxed. But when I extended my legs the very tight muscles in my hips would pull my back off the floor and cause discomfort. So, I added the "hips on two balls" exercise to work on the pulling on my back. That felt great in my hips but pulled my back into the "BOW" position rather than the "HAMMOCK" position, which feels so relaxed.

My question is: should I continue to do both exercises in combination or should I concentrate on one or the other until I develop some sustained flexibility?

Finally what is a good amount of time to spend on the balls in each position?



David N. Hoffman
Dear Elaine,
Reading this blog remembered me of the strenght of keeping things small. I read about it last week in a book. Even before that I was thinking about it myself and realized already that whenever I start to think big I lose myself.

Lasst year, in California, I bought your portable method just before my flight back to the Netherlands. A few weeks later I starting using it and I've experienced great relief everytime I used it. I stopped for an while but last month started again and the same thing happenend. Thank you for this wonderfull method!

Rob de Groot

ps in my photography I do the same thing and try to show the strenght of the small and close by things in nature.
I am just beginning. I drive a 18 wheel tractor trailer rig, sometimes working 16 hour days. I have been suffering hip pain for over a year, my chiropractor or massage theripist have not been able to help other than tell me to get different job. I purchased your book and balls for the help with a recent panic attack problem I have developed. Yes I was able to get through the panic attack and relax enough to sleep that night which was a miricle. The next day I noticed my hip was not hurting yet did not connect that with the balls. When I put them under my hips that night, I realized it was the balls that released the hip pain!!!! I just today finished reading your book and I have not experienced the pain level I was in since last Sunday. When I feel the pain begin to return, I just get on the floor with the balls under my hips. I am looking forward to sharing my experince and learning more.

p.s. The S sound is something I did naturally as a child, although it was accompanied with a sucking in of air that makes a slurping sound with the tounge still on the roof of the mouth. I would breath in and out..SSSSSSSSSS and SlushHHHHHHHHHH when I was running around a playground up and down the slide and swinging. I remember I would never get short of breath, yet I got stared at and made fun of so I stopped. What a mistake!!!!!!Thank you for giving me permission to make the SSSSSSSSS sound again....

Erin Rager
Modesto CA.
Dear Elaine,

I am following the instruction to perfect 1 position and the process that goes with it. I just wanted to update my progress and experiences so far. I went to my chiropractor yesterday and she noticed a differance. I believe I am being challenged by release of toxins from my muscles. Is this common?

Erin Rager
Hi dr. Krysstine-
Thank you for your email. Although this is described as a"body" method there are many responses.I believe when a person is able to experience a deep physical feeling they become very connected to thoughts and emotions, and in your case dreams)not part of their day to day experiences. The experience each person has depends upon the depth of interest they have in this method and in themselves. Each person needs to be open to possibilities. I describe to my students during classes we must be open to feeling what we don't feel, not simply feeling more of the same. As we feel our bodies, our brains begin to connect us on levels we may not have gotton to otherwise. There is a logic and an intelligence to what we are shown. We are not simply "relaxing" and that is the end. As you experienced your body a definite affect released you into your dreams. I am happy you were able to do that.It shows me you deeply connected with the work and this is where you needed to go. This very much is a relationship albeit with ourselves.
All the Best, Elaine

Dear David-
Thank you for your e-mail. There is too much emphasis placed on making the back flat on the floor. I mention the bow so you can sense what position you start in. It is better to have a thousand wrong positions than one position that you stay in and never move out of. Even if we think that position is correct. As the body arches it actually lengthens muscles if they are becoming supple. I believe when you went to use 2 balls you started to get even more of a stretch. Muscles don't respond that quickly so as your body was changing you felt the arching. After a bit of time doing the 2 balls you may have noticed it resting more again. It is the movement of the spine, we want a sense of ease and flexibility. So one is not better than the other. The arch is only negative if it is stiff and is a flat back. Many people hold their backs tightly to the floor for fear the back would go "out". But in fact, I pointed out to them how is that helping when you are already in chronic discomfort.We need to allow our bodies to move thru many different places and positions. We need to especially trust that as it moves, it is on its way to a better place. People are very quick to stop and then criticize where they are at any given movement. Let the feeling give you the answers more than the position. I hope this helps. Keep up the good work.
Best, Elaine

Thanks for your e-mail. It is nice to know that we don't always have to work so hard for results. The ball is nice because it stimulates feeling. As we rush from place to place we loose a sense of our feeling our bodies which is essential for them to recover on a day to day basis. In this case bigger is not necessary. Keep It Up!I bet your photos are wonderful! Best, Elaine

Hi Erin-
I believe I responded to you but I am going for it in this blog format. I appreciate your e-mail. I too had panic attacks. I was experienceing sever back pain as well. I love the way you are approaching this. Your body is giving you positive results and you are learning from those. You are right to just get back down on the floor and do it again. What happens is a sense of awareness as to what is happening when you are on the balls. You are feeling your body weight rest which allows your muscles to ease up and your noticing your breathing so you are not holding your breath. Chances are during your day there is a lot of breath holding. This alone is partly responsible for panic attacks and chronic pain. The SSS sound is great! We all need to learn again what we already knew. When we were kids most of us went to sleep at night and awoke feeling like we recovered from the day before. Many of us feel the accumulation of years of stress, anxiety and poor habits. That child in us is still there. The ability to recover is still there as well. Let's not complicate it. Keep it up!
All the best, Elaine
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